Our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are fast-approaching (as they always do!) and we've got everyone in your family covered with our carefully-curated Holiday Gift Guide. Make sure to keep an eye out for holiday deals in our Shop, too! Beginning on Black Friday and concluding on Cyber Monday, we'll have our best sitewide discount EVER live. Plus, we'll be having case sales on our 2017 vintages.

Until then, Happy Holiday Shopping!

  1. A cheerful yellow graphic tee celebrating an old favorite, $69
  2. Cool coasters for the cool girl in your life, $78
  3. A mini collection of Replica's best scents, including our favorites 'Jazz Club' and 'By The Fireplace', $68
  4. badass bag, $38
  5. Boots fit for a rockstar, $224.95
  6. Statement earrings in a cool color combo, $98
  7. Trendy barrettes, $14-$38
  8. A holographic candle that smells like roses and rain, $68
  9. The nude pink lipstick everyone has been talking about, $34


  1. A great vest to go on top of his favorite flannel, $149
  2. The beloved Le Labo Santal fragrance that you might want to steal, too, $82+
  3. This kit for keeping his favorite sneaks in tip-top shape, $25
  4. 20 of WB's Best Thrillers for his viewing pleasure, $75.72
  5. A cool, graphic Hydro Flask for the outdoorsy guy, $26.95
  6. Slippers he'll live in all winter long, $99.95
  7. A new duffel for weekend trips, $90
  8. A glass that makes sure his whiskey stays cool, but not watered down, $18
  9. This leather koozie for the sophisticated beer drinker, $29.50
  10. Peppermint-scented shaving cream because duh, $30

  1. A turntable so the party can come to them, $69.95
  2. The ultimate popcorn bowl, $20
  3. A cute and functional match display, $48
  4. A whistling tea kettle, $95.96
  5. A candle that literally smells like the comforts of home, $24
  6. A cactus kit so they can add a little easy green to their home, $17.50
  7. This Parisian-bistro chic, monogrammed mug, $10
  8. Silk scrunchies so she can wake up sans frizz, $39
  9. The coziest, movie-watching blanket, $39
  10. This collection of French Girl scrubs, $65

  1. A new toiletries bag for him that'll last, $188
  2. A universal adapter for the international traveler, $40
  3. The dreamiest neck pillow/eye mask set, $80.75
  4. Back-up charger for those long travel days, $22.99
  5. A cute compact for their carry-on, $18
  6. This collection of scented hand creams, $38
  7. A pale pink piece of luggage, $278
  8. All the skincare essentials for the guy on the go, $47
  9. This travel pouch for all her flight info and other essentials, $20.99

  1. Reusable straws because the environment, duh, $18
  2. A cool yoga mat they'll be excited to unroll every class, $19.99
  3. A jar of Palo Santo to make their home more cozy, $24+
  4. Yoga In A Cup for stress and anxiety, $36
  5. Goop's exfoliator so they can glow into 2020, $125
  6. A box of green tea goodness, $178
  7. This mini eye roller for de-puffing on the go, $32
  8. Some adaptogenic hot chocolate, $30
  9. The prettiest, clean highlighter from RMS, $38
  1. A cashmere scarf in a neutral color
  2. A nice leather wallet, $138
  3. This pretty zodiac pendant, $78
  4. A milk frother to make their morning coffee even better, $48.97
  5. This fun planner she'll actually want to use, $28
  6. A collection of Voluspa candles for every mood, $75
  7. AirPods, obvi, $159.99
  8. A stylish and personal keychain so she can actually find her keys, $49
  9. A beautiful illustration of their family home, $160+

  1.  A festive, winter jacket for him, $49
  2. The cutest, cry-activated sloth soother, $39.99
  3. A dinosaur dig kit so he can feel like a real archaeologist (sort of), $24.99
  4. Kid-friendly nail polishes she'll love, $37
  5. This indoor snowball fight kit, $39.95
  6. The cutest, coziest jacket for her, $79
  7. A Google Home that's made with kids in mind, $54.99
  8. For that wannabe DJ, $60
  9. Bathing milk for the bath lovers, $45
  10. A backpack that brings the New Year confetti to school, $85
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