Our Story


We're a family of five continuing the farming legacy of our founder Jack L. Cox (1936-2015) on our beautiful home ranch in Ukiah, California. Our Grandpa Jack had initially bought the ranch with intentions to subdivide and re-sell. At the time, it was a sheep farm, the only existing vines being several acres of Carignane. Ironically, he fell in love with the land and decided to develop it into the successful vineyard operation and family ranch that it is today. We are so grateful that he did! Jack  was a true steward of the land, committed to conservation, sustainability, and the Mendocino County community.

Growing up in the middle of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, you can imagine we ate our fair share of grapes growing up. Our family farmhouse was built in 1856 and once served as a Pony Express stagecoach stop. From those windows, we watched our dad work many harvests. Now, we work those same harvests alongside him to create homestead wines that tell stories, create memories, and honor the land our family has been farming for many generations!


Whitney, Lauren & Natalie

Chuck & Kerri