Our vineyards span from south Hopland to Redwood Valley, with our home ranch located in Northern Ukiah on the Westside of HWY 101. The terroir ranges from rich, red volcanic soil to gravely loam. We specialize in variety and quality, growing a little bit of everything. From hearty, hillside cabernet sauvignon, which loves our warm inland temps, to our old vine carignane that was planted over 100 years ago when the ranch was a Spanish land grant, only a small portion of our fruit goes into our own label.

For over 45 years, we've provided our fruit to wineries in nearby Napa and Sonoma counties, as well as to winemakers here in Mendocino County. Our wines, as well as theirs, have gone on to win awards, receive critical success, and capture the hearts (and tastebuds) of customers across the United States. Because we truly believe great wines are born in the vineyard, we spend a lot of time in ours. In fact, we live a stone's throw from where we work. The connection we have to this soil is unmatched.

  • Certified-Organic fruit

    We're proud to be CCOF certified-organic. Our parents originally chose to farm this way because they wanted to give their daughters a safe, pesticide-free place to play. We are overjoyed that now, more than ever, wineries and wine consumers appreciate organic farmers' mission to farm with the future in mind.

  • Biodiversity

    Many farmers chose to plant "border-to-border" but we are not your average farmer. We've only planted 10% of our ranch to vineyard, leaving the rest wild and untouched. Our vineyards are surrounded by woodland, grazeland, and reservoirs filled with wildlife. We also plant cover crops to promote soil health and encourage beneficial insects.

  • Family Farmers

    Eighth generations of farming within our family and you best believe we're out in the vineyards working right alongside our crew. Whether we're driving a tractor, loading tanks onto the truck, making midnight coffee runs, or crop thinning, farming is a year-round team effort. Our dad alone has 45+ harvests under his belt!

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