Boeket: Our Wine Label Launch

Boeket: Our Wine Label Launch

Taken from the blog Pinot & Peep Toes by Lauren Vau

On any given day, you can probably find a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc chilling in my fridge. It’s the white wine varietal I drink the most of year-round, whether it’s by the glass at a restaurant or from a bottle I’ve picked up at a local wine shop. It’s my family’s go-to white as well. When it came time to harvest at Cox Vineyards last year, it made the most sense to create our own Sauvignon Blanc. We also couldn’t resist making a dry rosé with the organic Carignane grapes that thrive along the hillsides of our ranch.  Cox Vineyards has been family-owned and operated since 1968, so our first label is long overdue. So, Boeket was born.

More than just a label, Boeket is a lifestyle.


The name “boeket” derives from the Dutch word for “bouquet” and it pays homage to our Dutch ancestors, who were the first to plant agricultural roots in the Northern California wine country back in the 1800s. A fresh “boeket” perched in the windowsill overlooking their California farm was a reminder of home. Similarly, a bottle of Boeket instantly transports me back to my Northern California roots, even though I live my day-to-day life in Los Angeles. A sip takes me back to spring afternoons spent splashing around the York Creek that runs through our ranch. I instantly envision the charming farmhouse my sisters and I grew up in, which sits just a stone’s throw away from the Sauvignon Blanc grapes that make up this wine. I’m reminded of sweltering summers spent sipping wine in the California sunshine on the floating dock of our pond.


Our label was founded on this simple philosophy that you can elevate the everyday by bringing the natural beauty of the outdoors in, whether it be a hand-picked bouquet or a bottle of our Sauvignon Blanc or Rosé. Moreover, our natural approach to farming goes hand-in-hand with this, as we strongly believe organic grapes yield the purest expressions of the varietals and land on which they are farmed.

A bottle of our Boeket Sauvignon Blanc nestled in the very vines that grew the grapes that make up this wine.

But perhaps my favorite thing about our wines is that they’re made for the everyday. It seems as though so much focus is put on the rare and profound bottles that cost a fortune and are only tasted once or twice in a lifetime. Far less attention is devoted to the wines that we consume alongside any given weeknight meal. In my opinion, these are the most important bottles. When I talk about an “everyday wine” what I’m talking about are those moderately-priced bottles that are easy to drink in a relaxed, casual environment yet still interesting enough to pique our curiosities and satisfy our palates. As a young wine drinker, I’ve always found myself less interested in the unattainable, high-brow bottles and more intrigued by those wines that accompany the everyday, that play up life’s simple pleasures. That’s precisely our philosophy behind Boeket.


Whether it’s picking up weekly blooms at my local farmers market, lighting a candle mid-morning just because, or pouring myself a glass of Boeket, simple things can make an ordinary Tuesday feel happier, brighter, better.


Our neutral French oak and stainless steel barrel-aged wines are bright, refreshing, and lean. Made from 100% certified-organic Carignan grapes, 2017 Boeket Rosé honors the true, dry Rhône-style, while 2017 Boeket Sauvignon Blanc has a clean core with lively acidity and is, of course, made with certified-organic grapes. They’re perfect for accompanying soft cheeses like goat and brie, pesto pasta, fresh herb salads, seafood dishes like halibut or oysters, and roast chicken. I even like pairing them with Thai food!

But most importantly, Boeket doesn’t need a special occasion to be opened so please don’t wait for one.In fact, the screw top caps make enjoying our wines so easy that they practically beg to be opened. If you’re like me and find joy in the simple pleasures in life, believes in celebrating and elevating the everyday, and knows that it’s often the little things in life that have the biggest impact, then Boeket deserves a place in your fridge.





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