Meet the Female Artisans: May Giveaway

Meet the Female Artisans: May Giveaway

We love a small, female-run business. This month, we've teamed up with two talented women - our basket-making friend Jessica Thornton and fellow female farmer Janine Grothe - for our latest Instagram giveaway. These women are so inspiring to us and we hope you'll follow their small businesses as they continue to grow! To enter in the giveaway featuring some of their creations, head to our Instagram account (@coxfamilyvineyards) for all the exciting details. This is easily our favorite giveaway that we've ever done and we couldn't be more thrilled to partner with two wonderful women. Now, a little more about these ladies...

Redwood Valley-raised Jessica Thornton has been making pine needle baskets with her grandmother since she was fourteen. A stay-at-home mom, she has now recruited her daughter to help with her newfound business, which was simply born from her artistic drive and dedication to her native heritage (she's Wailaki and Concow). "My slogan is 'made with a lot of love and a lot of help from a toddler'," she says. Gathering the pine needles from El Dorado National Forest with her family, Jessica works on the baskets once she's put her daughter to bed, which means her strokes of genius come late at night or very early in the morning. One thing you'll notice about Jessica's designs is that no two are the same; she's constantly inspired by new beads, special patterns, and even her customers' personal requests. They make the perfect vessel for holding your keys, phone, jewelry, or even spiritual items like crystals and sage bundles.

Find Jessica on Etsy here: and follow her @goldenstateofpine on Instagram to see her latest creations.

From her stunning flower-filled Instagram feed, you probably can't tell that Janine Grothe was not born with a green thumb. A self-proclaimed "killer of every houseplant [she] owned", Janine eventually discovered how good soil and a lot of patience were the secrets to garden success. Now, she's bringing joy to the homes of Lake and Mendocino County residents in flower form. Growing blooms out in the field and in unheated hoops, she prefers to farm without conventional chemicals - and her flowers sure do appreciate it! With her trusty sidekick Fritz (above), Janine gathers fresh-cut flowers and creates unique arrangements based on what's flourishing on her Lake County farm. Whether you prefer a weekly subscription, by-the-bucket blooms, or a personal arrangement for those special occasions, she is happy to accommodate. If you're looking to make a new farmer friend and add some gorgeous florals into your home, Janine is your lady! 
Check out Janine's website for more information: and follow her on @tobegardenfarm on Instagram to keep up with what's happening at the farm.
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