Our Self Care Tips: 10 Ways We Nourish Our Mind, Body, and Soul

Our Self Care Tips: 10 Ways We Nourish Our Mind, Body, and Soul


Buy yourself flowers and put them someplace you'll see them everyday. I make it a Sunday tradition to get fresh blooms at my local farmers market and it's something I look forward to every week. It may seem like a small gesture, but roses by your bedside or lilies in your kitchen can bring so much joy.

Take a hot yoga class. Besides being a way to promote mindfulness, hot yoga is detoxifying and can boost your mood. Just make sure to bring a yoga towel to lay over your mat; it's going to get pretty sweaty!

Forget your phone (or let the battery die). Sometimes, I run errands and leave my phone at home. If you're able to do that, it feels incredibly freeing! Many of us rely on our phones so much so that we're never without them. This simple yet impactful gesture will not only make you more productive, but more in touch with what is going on around you.

Turn your bathroom into a spa. Light a candle or start your diffuser and slip into the bath for a relaxing twenty or so minutes. I love bringing a glass of chilled Boeket Sauv Blanc in with me, since it can get hot fast, and finding a zen Spotify playlist. One of my all-time favorite bath products is Goop's "The Martini" Emotional Detox Bath Soak; the aromatics are incredibly calming and unique.

Go foraging. Obviously, it'll depend on what's in your region, but California for example has fennel, elderflower, juniper, wild lettuce and radish, mushrooms (like chanterelles), wood sorrel, and nasturtium - all of which people use as food and medicine. Google what's in your area, have a recipe or two in mind, and set off into the wild with a basket for foraging! 

Make your morning coffee last longer. Wake up five or ten minutes minutes earlier and really savor that cup of coffee, rather than drinking it on the way to work. There's something special about indulging in a little "me time" at the beginning of the day.

Invest in proper bedsheets and pillows. You spend a good amount of time in bed, so why not make it a place of total comfort. Great sheets and the right pillows really do make a huge difference in the quality of your sleep, so don't skimp. I recently purchased a ergonomic memory foam pillow and it's totally upped my sleep situation.

Stay in on a Friday night. No matter what age you are, Friday probably still carries the notion that you should be doing something. Whether it's hanging out with friends or traveling to a family member's house for dinner, sometimes blowing off plans to do absolutely nothing (but watch tons of trash TV and eat an entire pint of ice cream) feels so special. If you can find Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream in the freezer section of you're grocery store, you're in luck!

Watch some ASMR. It might seem strange or silly at first, but "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response" videos are extremely relaxing. For many, they've replaced white noise playlists and become an essential part of their daily routine. Common triggers include close-up whispering, scratching, tapping, page turning, and crinkling.

Have a solo day date. Go to a museum, pack yourself a picnic, take an art class, window shop, get your nails done! My personal favorite is going to the movies by myself. 

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