Dogs That Dress To Impress Shop at Sagely

Dogs That Dress To Impress Shop at Sagely


While many of us were binging Netflix shows and doing TikToks in our 2020 spare time, dog mom Sage and costumer Morgan got to work. The women, who have been friends for over twenty years, wanted to create something fun and Sage's dog Ollie became the muse. They call the Tahoe-raised Golden Retriever the "ultimate adventure pup." He enjoys long runs in the Nevada snow, digging at the beach, diving into the lake, and now, donning their adorable bandanas. Ollie was in need of something cool to wear on all of his adventures, so Sagely was born. He not only models the double-sided and double-stitched bandanas, but tests their wearability, as well.

"Adventuring with a dog requires a durable bandana," they note. "It has been our goal to make high quality bandanas that were affordable!"

Full disclosure: the first bandana I bought was simply to show support to my friends in their exciting side hustle. I figured at least one of our ranch dogs would wear a bandana and I could snap a cute picture. Flash forward to today and I've bought countless bandanas because the ranch dogs DO wear them and DON'T want to be left out! "When our pups are dressed in bandanas, they strut around knowing they look good," the women share. "They make strangers smile and acquire extra pets."

Perhaps our favorite thing about Sagely bandanas is their versatility. Each bandana comes with two prints, so your dog can switch it up based on the occasion. On their Etsy shop, you'll find everything from a psychedelic mushroom print to a red paisley pattern, punchy lime and lemon prints to sweet honeycomb and bee patterns. Whatever your dog desires, they've got it! And, they even have a size range that make sure not to leave even the smallest or the biggest pup out.

"During the summer, our ‘Jungle Jaws’ print was a best-seller," the women share. "It features a palm boutique on one side and sharks on the other. The ‘Lumberpup’ was a winter favorite, double-sided with a red and black buffalo check and plaid."

We're super excited because they recently added 'Wino Woof,' their wine patterned print to the collection, and it is perfect for our ranch dogs! It's the kind of bandana we'll put on the dogs when company is coming or we're hosting a wine event and let them make a special appearance. It's even perfect for visits to dog-friendly wineries, which are abundant these days.

We've all had a tough year of isolation and uncertainty, but so have our dogs! They, too, miss their "hooman" friends and a new bandana would make them feel like a million bucks. Order one for your pup, send one to a friend! By doing so, you're not only making a dog look super cute, but you're supporting a small, female-run business!

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