Summer Sun Tea Recipe

Summer Sun Tea Recipe

It's mid-day and it's H-O-T! When we're not reaching for a chilled glass of Sauv Blanc, we're filling up on sun tea. If you get it brewing first thing in the morning, it's a nice afternoon treat. Sun tea reminds us of childhood summers at our Grandma Betty's where the days felt long and lazy, and the drinks were oh-so refreshing. If we could only go back to those times! 

Here's how we make it:

  1. Fill a large pitcher or dispenser with water.
  2. Add in 8 tea bags (we like Orange Pekoe) and let the tags hang off the side of the container.
  3. Put it out on a sunny porch or in a sun-filled windowsill and let it brew for about 4 hours!
  4. When you're ready to serve, fill tumblers with ice and mint leaves.
  5. Pour in your sun tea and add sweetener to your liking (we like agave syrup for a hint of sweetness).

Seriously, it's THAT easy! You can add springs of mint into the tea container if you'd prefer a more minty flavor or leave the mint out entirely and add lemon at the end.


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