Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Valentine's Day is such a sweet holiday, but it can get pretty cliché pretty fast. Instead of gifting your loved one a box of chocolates and a single red rose this year, give them the whole bouquet! Literally. A bottle of our Boeket Rosé or Sauvignon Blanc is perfect for the women in your life, whether it be your wife, mother, sister, grandma, girlfriend, or best friend.

Arrange Boeket in a reusable wire basket (you can find these at your local craft store or Home Goods) alongside a small bouquet of pretty flowers, a scented candle and matches, and body products like soap, bath salts, or hand cream. If you want to be really festive, add two stemless wine glasses! I curated this particular basket with goodies from one of my favorite Ukiah shops, Habitat, as well as a boutique in Studio City that I frequent and love. 

I've grown up in a family full of women, so trust me when I say the ladies in your life will adore this gift. It shows them that you took the time to think outside the standard clichés and curate something really special. Plus, it sort of takes care of the evening. Light the candle, put the flowers in water, and pour her a glass of Boeket! Just make sure to add some sweet sentiments to a card (we really love this). Cheers to her best Valentine's Day ever!

You can typically find small, mixed bouquets at places like Trader Joe's, Safeway, or Whole Foods. Some even come in a mason jar, which makes it easy, but an unwrapped bouquet also has that hand-picked vibe we love! 

I love these vintage apothecary pink matches, which are not only functional, but look so pretty on a countertop!

These blush-colored stemless glasses really tie in the pink Valentine's Day color scheme but aren't so tacky that you'd only use them once a year! And our dry rosé made from organic Carignane grapes is an obvious choice because how can you not drink pink on Valentine's Day?! 

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