Wedding Week Series: Questions for a Floral Designer

Wedding Week Series: Questions for a Floral Designer

Flowers are a huge part of one's wedding day, from the big bridal bouquet down to the simple touch of a boutonniere. Rachel Powell-Valensky is no stranger to creating magnificent arrangements for brides who flock to Ukiah's Yokayo Ranch for weddings underneath tall oaks and string lighting. It was a no-brainer to reach out to Rachel for advice on all things floral! If you're a couple looking for a stunning oasis in wine country, definitely check out Yokayo Ranch and connect with Rachel. She doesn't just do florals; she literally does it all and does it so, so well.


Q: What floral trends are you seeing with your couples? Which trends are you loving right now?

"This wedding season I am seeing so much color. After several years of a neutral pallet it is really exciting to welcome color back into the conversation. I am incredibly drawn to pastels at the moment. Pastels are timeless and romantic, so I like mixing them up with modern stoneware vessels to create a great mix on the table. My design typically is more driven by shape and texture, and I draw a lot of inspiration from the location of the event."


Q: Do you require a minimum budget when creating for a couple’s big day?. 

"I do require a minimum when working with clients. It’s a great starting point and helps the client to understand the full picture. However, I do help clients with a more modest budget source flowers."


Q: What are some budget-friendly flowers you suggest to those who are not able to spend a lot but still want something beautiful?

"Stick to large blooms. Buy what’s in season; the blooms are cost effective and at their peak. Search local farms that have high quality sustainable flowers in bulk. Bud vases are a great way to stretch your budget."


Q: What advice can you give to brides getting married during an off-season who still want stunning florals? 

"Think outside of the box and work with a florist that loves to wild harvest and forage. You want the floral to match the season, space, and be a strong representation of the couple."


Q: You obviously create gorgeous arrangements for Yokayo Ranch, but do you ever travel if brides are getting married at other venues?

"Thank you for your compliment. I absolutely work offsite from Yokayo. This year, I am working as a freelance florist from here to the bay. I have worked at many of the local venues and love a new location."

You can find Yokayo Ranch on Instagram (@yokayo_ranch) and learn more about their bridal offerings on their website:

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