Wedding Week Series: Questions for a Makeup Artist

Wedding Week Series: Questions for a Makeup Artist

Brides want to look and feel their very best on the big day and working with a makeup artist you trust is huge. Mendocino County-based makeup artist Ashley Ceja is known for helping women achieve that natural glam look they so desire. She also runs her own salon in Ukiah, doing everything from lash extensions to hair, and bridal makeup, of course. Naturally, we knew Ashley would be our go-to gal for all things bridal makeup. If you follow her on Instagram, you'll see why; her brides are stunning!

Q: What are a few brands you tend to rely on for bridal makeup and why?

A: "I have so many favorites, there are so many brands that make great products, but I would have to say the Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray is a must have for bridal makeup. It really does make your makeup look last all night! On top of a flawless foundation application & Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder."


Q: Do you ever allow a bride to use her own makeup?

A: "I have definitely let a handful of brides use their own lip color, and one bride convinced me to use her BB cream as her foundation! (It looked great). Although, I don't prefer doing that because the products in my kit are made to last all day/night. I can't always guarantee longevity for products that I've never tried using before."


Q: What type of “look” are you seeing most brides opt for in recent years?

A: "In recent years, the "dewy/glowy" skin look paired with a nude lip, natural fluffy brows & neutral matte eyeshadow has been most people's go-to."


Q: What does your price include? What might a bride expect to pay extra for?

A: "My pricing includes skin prep, the makeup application itself & a to-go lip kit for touchups. I charge an additional amount for trial runs (although they are very recommended), a travel fee for onsite weddings, and I offer touchups for an additional hourly rate."

Q: How far have you traveled for a wedding? 

A: "I've traveled as far as the Sacramento area, about 3 hours from where I live. I typically don't like to travel more than 2 hours unless my accommodations are added onto the final price."


Q: Do you bring in any additional makeup artists or are you able to do multiple women's makeup on the day-of?

A: "I typically don't like to do any more than 8 services in one day. Each application takes about an hour on average so I do have a few artists that I've collaborated with in the past that I will bring along to assist me."


Q: Is there anything you suggest a bride do to prep her skin before the wedding day?

A: "I always recommend a hydrating mask of some sort, and just their normal skincare regimen. That's another reason I like to do a trial, so that I can do my best to make sure they are using the correct products for their skin type to ensure it looks their best on their special day."


Q: "Help! I have a noticeable blemish on the morning of my wedding. What can you do about it as a makeup artist?"

A: "Blemishes can be easily disguised with makeup. There isn't a whole lot to do the day of (blemishes have to heal on their own), but a bit of color correcting primer, concealer and setting powder is the key."


You can find Ashley's work on her Instagram accounts: & @bellamaebeautystudio

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